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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Android & iOS)



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After the end of the Rampage, the hunter is hailed as a hero and peace returns to Kamura. This peace turns out to be short-lived and ends as a strange monster arrives in the shrine ruins. The Hunter and Utsushi investigate and face the monster but they are unable to defeat it until the arrival of a knight from Elgado named Fiorayne. Fiorayne, who is Rondine’s sister, explains that the monster is Lunagaron from Elgado. With Fiorayne’s help, the Hunter and Utsushi slay Lunagaron.

Fiorayne shares that her purpose in Kamura is to recruit the Hunter to help the people of Elgado face a dangerous monster named Malzeno that has appeared in her homeland. Fugen also remembers a Kamura villager named Oboro opening a business in Elgado that has suffered under the threat of Malzeno. Fugen accepts Fiorayne’s invitation and allows the Hunter to travel to Elgado in order to meet its commander and defeat Malzeno.

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