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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (Android & iOS)

Studio MDHR


Android Users: 266
iOS Users: 433

Cuphead and Mugman are told that The Legendary Chalice needs their help and have to travel to a far-off isle. The Legendary Chalice, within the astral plane in her ghost form, offers Mugman a cookie. Mugman happily accepts it, not knowing that he and The Legendary Chalice would switch places, effectively turning her into Ms. Chalice (as well as turning him into his ghost form). Ms. Chalice takes them to meet Chef Saltbaker and unveil their grand scheme: creating the aforementioned Wondertart that will bring her back to life, permanently.

The trio travel across Inkwell Isle, fighting against five of the bosses to obtain the five ingredients for the Wondertart. Once all are collected, the protagonists head back to prepare the Wondertart, but Chef Saltbaker is mysteriously absent; however, a door to the cellar is unveiled, as the protagonists travel through it. Once at the end, they find Saltbaker at the end of it, who reveals to them that he was only using them for his own benefit, having exploited them all along. Saltbaker also reveals that the Wondertart actually requires a literal soul, having kidnapped one of the player’s friends while they were out.

With the protagonists there, Saltbaker plans to dispatch of them to continue with his plans, but he is simply beaten into submission after a long battle; with this, their missing friend is freed, and if one of the players was playing as Ms. Chalice, swap places again. From all that fighting, the bakery collapse, as the three protagonists and Saltbaker make it out, in where Saltbaker mourns his loss. Though no longer able to get the Wondertart to revive her, Ms. Chalice shrugs it off and states that she won’t buy it if it requires another soul, as long as she gets new friends along the way.

In the epilogue, Chef Saltbaker is arrested and sent to court, where the judge orders him to do community service. When his community service ends, Saltbaker rebuilds his bakery, and makes pastries for everyone, possibly as an apology gift.

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